About Me

Welcome! My name is Ann Frost. I am very happy to receive you at my blog. This is a long-term project that I hope to continue well after I have left college. Ooops, I guess I should give you some background on myself.

I am currently a senior in college, majoring in psychology, so there is a large essay-writing component to my course. Actually, large is a very big understatement! For the past three years, I have been buried knee deep in essays and, at first, this was a huge struggle for me.

You see, there is a big jump between high school and college in the way in which essays are to be composed. Further compounding this problem is the fact that your professors expect you to magically know this and pick up on this. Yep, you are given very little guidance in college, and are expected to get up to scratch in your own time.

During my first year of college, I slowly saw the numbers attending my classes dwindle. I thought maybe people were just not bothering to turn up, but eventually I realized that this was due to the fact that so many people were dropping out, unable to cope with the strenuous demands of college.

I, somehow, stuck it out, and eventually mastered how to write college essays that guarantee me a high GPA and grades. The trick is to utilize good techniques than your knowledge. Follow my blog and you will understand this about college too!

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